16 weeks old from Ann Arbor Michigan.......Sweetest most cuddley Yorkiepoo puppy you'll ever meet!!!


Yorkie Poo dog on the beach with a ball.



This is Bella, a Yorkie Poo, at about 3 months. She was born on June 9, 2006. She is the runt of a litter of 6 pups. She weighs approximately 3 lbs. Bella is very loving and gives kisses to everyone she meets. She rings a bell to go outside and potty. She has learned several tricks for treats which she loves. She sits, shakes your hand, stays, will lay down, and roll over. She is very playful at times, and at other times loves to lay on your lap, or be close to your side. Michelle Appleton, Wisconsin.


Yorkie Poo Bella 3 months old.