Hello, My name is Bobbie and I have a 4 month old Yorkie Poo named Fozzy, Fozzy is such a little doll, he cracks me up. We named him Fozzy because he looks like Fozzy Bear from the Muppets. But at times he looks a little like Chuck Norris.

He has a big brother that is a Brittany Spaniel and they love to romp and play and then both curl up with me and my Fiance on the couch and watch movies. I must say Fozzy is really clever and is a super leaper he doesn't just jump off the couch he leaps like a flying squirrel. He has the cutest little rabbit feet. He is a great addition to our family and now I feel like it is complete. If you are thinking about getting a Yorkie Poo you can't go wrong!


Brown Yorkie Poo dog next to tree.