Hi, I'm Marina, and this is Bean, a Yorkie Poo dog from Sacramento, CA in his little brown sweater! My little sweet Bean enjoys chasing chickens, playing tug, digging, going to the dog park and doing tricks for treats. He is a little over 1 year old and weighs around 12 lbs. he is the best dog EVER!


Yorkie Poo dog in a sweater.



My name is Debra Miles, I am from Fennville, MI. When My husband and I decided to get a little dog, we initially started looking for a Yorkie. We happened to bump into a Yorkie Poo breeder's site, and found our little Maddie. I called the breeder, and asked her what one she recommended, because she was about 4 hours away in another state. She said Yorkie Poo B. I took her word for it, put the deposit down, and could not be happier. We have had Maddie now for a full week, and there has not been a dull moment. She is almost potty trained, and by far the smartest dog I have ever owned. She is full of energy, and cute as a button. She is 9 weeks now, and a whole 2 lbs!! Her expected matured weight is 5-9 lbs., I am thinking she will be at the smaller side of the scale. She is the best thing ever!!



 Ryder is a 6 months old Yorkie Poo. I received him as a birthday present from my daughter. He is very energetic and is the smartest dog I have ever owned. His favorite games is fetch which he likes to play about 3 times a day. All my friends are always telling me how intelligent he is. It seems like he has reasoning abilities and try to anticipate your every move. He is eager to please and was very easy to potty train. He has brought so much job to our lives. I love this dog!!!!