My name is Chasity and this little lady is Chelsea a Yorkie Poo. We live in Baltimore, Maryland. She is one and she was about 2 months in this picture. She loves to snoogle at night and play all day. She is so funny and always puts a smile on my face.


2 month old Yorkie Poo puppy.


Yorkie Poo Ruby 10 months old. Ruby is 7lbs. Ruby is very friendly, loving, smart and has a wonderful personality. She enjoys playing with other dogs, and looks forward to walks, the dog park, and of course weekly visits to the pet store! Ruby knows several tricks and is very quick to learn. She is adorable, loves to play with her toys and her favorite treats, dingos! She is very affectionate and a joy to have around. I love her! Cleveland, Ohio.


White Yorkie Poo dog.