We lost our dog after fourteen years on March 13, 2007. My husband and I started going to a local pet shop to get our 'Puppy Fix" as we called it. We didn't think we were ready for another dog just yet so we would just go to the pet shop and look. On July 2, 2007 we stopped in the pet shop and there was Heidi. The owner of the pet shop said that she has been given up by a person who was moving and could not take her. We later found out that she had been mistreated by this person. I can't believe anyone would mistreat her, just look at that face. We adopted her immediately. She was very timid, scared of just about everything when we adopted her. But after lots of TLC she has come out of her shell and is such a sweet dog. She sleeps on the bed between me and my husband. When it's time to get up in the mornings she gives lot of morning kisses. She loves our cat who is thirteen years old. He adopted us about twelve years ago. And he actually seems to love her too. Heidi lives with Mike & Pat in Denver, North Carolina.

Just a note to let anyone know who sees Heidi's pictures and reads about her. She had no one who loved her until we came along. There are a lot of dogs, puppies, cats and kittens who need someone to love them. Rescued pets really make wonderful family members.

Yorkie Poo on a couch.


Yorkie Poo dog Heidi on a bed.


Yorkiepoo Heidi in bed.