My name is Stacy and I'm from St. Louis, Missouri I have a puppy Yorkie Poo she's only 9 weeks and her name is Penny Lane. I've always wanted a Teacup Yorkie, they were always way to much. One day I went to the pet store at the mall and wanted to hold a puppy. I was gonna hold a different puppy that was in the front of the store, but then I had 2 wait a little bit so I was looking at all the puppies inside and saw 2 f Yorkiepoos. I went crazy and had to hold one of them, I finally got to hold her. I just fell in LOVE with her, I never wanted to get a puppy from the pet store, but she was just to cute to give up. My dad didn't want another dog @ our house and he always told my sister and I we couldn't bring any more animals home. We have 2 cats and a dog. Somehow I got her and had her stay at my boyfriend's house for a while, but now she lives with me. She's really playful, our other dog (golden retriever) and her get along really good. They are buddies and always play and go outside together. She loves to cuddle with me too.

Yorkie Poo dog named Penny Lane


Penny Lane getting a bath.


Golden Retriever and Yorkie Poo sleeping