Hi my name is Shelley, I am from Guelph, Ontario Canada. I have 2 Yorkie Poos! they are the best little friends you could ask for. The smaller one is Sara, she is 5 - she is such a joy, sometimes very playful, sometimes wants to be alone, and she also content to be carried and cuddled!! Tasha is the thicker one, she is only 2 and a half - she gets into a lot of mischief! She is also very energetic, but also loves to be held. They fit into our life so well, they truly are part of the family.


Two white Yorkie Poo dogs on a bench.


Dog Name: Skiddles Skiddles is 6 month old male black Yorkie Poo that weighs 8.5 lbs. He is very loveable to whomever gives him love. Owner: Ericka Jones Washington, DC.


Black Yorkie Poo dog laying down.



This is Mario a black Yorkie Poo. He is the love of my life, other then my husband. He is a year and 2 months old. Mario's father (Teddy) is a white poodle around 12lbs and his mother Chloe is a Yorkshire terrier around 9 pounds. She is different colors of brown. Mario is very playful, he loves his toys, he loves to run and give kisses. He has a chiwuawua brother that he gets along with very well. Quannah Turlock/California.


Black Yorkie Poo dog laying on the floor.