Yorkieshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terrier is a small dog that was developed in the 19th century in the country of Yorkshire, England. the purpose of the dog was to catch rats including mills and other buildings.

One of the great features about the dog breed is that most Yorkshire Terriers have a maximum size of about 7 pounds. We have a Yorkie dog and it is about 7 pounds and it is a very nice size and easy to take care of.Yorkeshire Terrier on golf course

Shedding Hair

Many sources of information list the Yorkshire Terrier as being hypoallergenic. When the Yorkie is compared to other dogs they do not shed as much hair. The only time Yorkies shed much hair is during the bathing process and brushing. Because of this many people with allergies may find a Yorkie as a good fit for their home.

Yorkie Temperament

Yorkshire Terrier seem to have an air of importance about them. Even though the dog is small they can be very active and playful. They are protective and curious. Our Yorkie wanders around the house exploring all kinds of nooks and crannies. We take our Yorkie outside to play in the back yard she loves to run around and tease us with balls. She loves to be chased. But then she can be very calm and loves to sit on her lap. She seems to know the right time to be playful at the right time to be calm.

As for getting along with children Yorkies can do a great job. Yorkies can have a very good patient temperament with kids.