Your cute Yorkie Poo puppy's first year will be so much fun!

From the fist day you take home your puppy to a year later, you and your puppy will have gotten to know each other very well and become the best of friends. Of course you will also go through some hard times at first. There will be housebreak obedience training at home that will require time as well as patience. Although, don't get discourage too early, your puppy will learn. Dogs are smart animals that may even outsmart humans at times.

From day one, be sure to start housebreaking your puppy, whether crate training or paper training, you will be a lot happier the sooner he learns. You should also start training him not to chew and bite. Bitter Apple spray is usually recommended for correcting bad chewing habits. Remember, some dogs train faster than others so don't be surprised if yours take longer than that of others, so be patient your puppy will soon be trained. 
Yorkie Poo Puppy on bed.

After a few days of having your puppy home, try scheduling a veterinarian visit to receive a puppy exam and vaccinations. The cost is around $100.00, it may vary from vet to vet. Call a couple of local vets if you want to compare prices. After the fist puppy exam, you will be asked to bring your puppy back to the vet two to three weeks later for a second puppy exam. Your Vet will also send post card reminders for recommended check ups and vaccinations. It would be a good idea to get the required visits done. 

After a couple of months, your pet should be completely house broken. You then should think about considering obedience classes for your dog. If you are considering obedience classes, make sure that you start as early as possible. And remember, obedience classes are only options, you don't have to put your dog through it if you don't want to. 

Around six months old, your puppy will start loosing some baby teeth and may look like he's in pain, this should not last very long. As the months go by, you will notice your puppy turn into an adult dog. The height and weight of your puppy will have increased every month. You may also see your puppy's coat color change, usually from dark to light.

Playtime for your puppy begins as soon as you get your new puppy home and usually last for quite a few years. You will notice that the first year will be the most energetic of all your dog's years. You may also notice your puppy disappearing only to find him napping on a pillow or in a corner, just like babies, puppies will need to re-energize their energy. But don't worry about trying to be quiet because dogs learn to sleep with the common household noises. In the first year, you want to give your pup some socialization with other dogs and humans to keep him from being scared or aggressive towards others.

Taking care and keeping your puppy healthy will not be hard if you start early with a healthy puppy food. They will need to eat puppy food until they are one year old to help their growing bodies. After one year switch to a brand name adult dog food that corresponds with your dog energy and exercise habits.

A good heart worm medication is essential to your new puppy's health. Heart worm should begin at a very young age of about three months. An approximate cost of heart worm is approximately $30.00 for a six month supply. Depending on the brand and size of your dog, the prices may vary.>

An adequate amount of exercise is a key to keeping your dog in good health always. The bigger the dog, the more exercise they should have. For example, a Yorkie Poo would only need to be walked maybe a couple times a week while a German Shepherd need to be walked daily to receive enough exercise.

You will want to have a good amount of dog toys and chew bones for your puppy to keep him from chewing on everything else. You also want to make sure to have treats around for rewarding your puppy during training. Puppies could have three treats a day and need to eat three times a day with drinking water five times a day. After one year old, treats should be limited to two times a day with feeding two times a day. Make sure to cut off food and water early in the night to avoid any accidents from occurring in the middle of the night.