Yorkie poo dogs have a good temperment.

Yorkie Poo dogs have a very sweet and loving temperament. As with any puppy or dog, they each have their own personality and it also depends some on how you raise the dog. Yorkies and Poodles both in general have very sweet personalities. Our Yorkie Poos were very good with our kids. They could also act as a protective dog when the conditions dictated that type of behaviour. Yorkie Poo on a bed.

Yorkiepoos are active, energetic at times, fun loving, affectionate dogs. They really love companionship with people. Yorkie Poos can be a great companion for young or older people. Since a Yorkie Poo is smaller dog they can easily do family activties. We always found it easy to take our Yorkie Poos on trips.

Yorkie Poos are very intelligent, but do need positive and consistent training. I think this is the case with most dogs, so anyone considering adopting a dog should be prepared to provide the patience and time needed to properly train.

Yorkie Poo temperament is not something that the dog comes with and doesn't change. Yorkie Poos with great temperaments is partly the breed but also how they are cared for. Temperament is affected by the amount and type of socialization, care, love, play, environment, etc.

As you look to adopt a Yorkie Poo it is a good idea to meet the parents. This will give you an idea of what the future temperament will be like. If you are unable to meet the Yorkie Poo parents, do still consider adopting the do because in general Yorkie Poos have great temperaments.

Get your Yorkie Poo out and socialize them. This is important in developing their temperament. Get them around other people, different sounds, dogs, etc. This will help. I do know someone who didn't socialize their dog much in the beginning and it showed later in the dogs life.

Consider puppy training to help develop good temperament. Parks with lots of people and dogs helps in developing temperament.

If you are looking for a sweet, loving, fairly calm dog, a Yorkiepoo could be a very good choice.