Yorkie Poo dogs are a great mixed breed dog.

If you are planning to get a mixed breed dog, chances are you probably are getting one from an animal shelter. Animal shelters like the Humane Society are one of the better places to get puppies or adult dogs. They don't only have mixed breeds of course, they also have pure bred dogs as well. Mixed breed Yorkie Poo.

Most dogs who end up in an animal shelter were brought there by their owner who realized they could not care or give the dog the proper training that they deserved. Some were abandoned, picked up and brought there. A small percentage were brought by there owners because the puppy grew up and was not the adorable puppy that they brought home.

These dogs living in the animal shelters are there waiting to be given a second chance. A lot of mixed breed dogs and puppies may be found in an animal shelter near you. More often than not, the type of mix in the breed is uncertain. Sometimes this makes the dog even more unique.

Like all pure breeds, mixed breeds are also trainable, they are of course dogs too. But depending on the individuals personality and the mix that they have, some dogs may be easier to train than others. Once trained, they can become the perfect dog for you and your family.

Mixed breeds may also be sold or given away by dog owners who accidentally ended up with these puppies from their dog. Finding out the mix of these dogs are more likely.

The Yorkie Poo is a mix between a Yorkshire Terrier and a Poodle. As you are discovering on our website you may find a Yorkiepoo at a shelter but not real likely. The Yorkie Poo has become very popular and breeders may be your best choice. That is where we adopted our Yorkie Poos.