Where should you get your Yorkie Poo?

There are many ways to find and get the dog that you've been looking for or dreaming about. Although you will see that some ways are better than others. There are three most common places to get your dog, they are dog breeders, pet shops, or animal shelters.

Reputable breeders are a very good place to get a new dog. You can expect to pay anywhere from $200.00 to thousands for a new puppy depending on the breed and size. Reputable breeders often know all there is to know about the breed of dog that they have. They often breed for the love of the dogs and not for the money. They spend more money breeding their dogs and take in little money from selling the puppies. Yorkie Poo dog sitting.

Reputable breeders often screen the potential buyers to make sure the puppy they want will match their personality, and that buyers are committed in taking care of the dog for a lifetime. In some occasions, breeders may suggest a different breed for the buyer, or simply just turn down the buyer do to not being a good match.

Reputable breeders will also answer all the questions buyers may have and give out tips and advises on how to care for the new puppy.

The type of dog breeders that should be avoided are called backyard breeders, and they breed dogs in a way to make fast money. They usually know very little about the breed and can't answer all the questions asked, nor do they give out advice about the breed. They normally don't belong to a local or national club dedicated to studying the breed standard. Many classified ads are placed by backyard breeders.

To find a good breeder, contact the American Kennel Club for a lists of national breed clubs. You can also contact a Breeder Referral Representative Hotline on the web. Start looking at breeder link homepage, Dog breeders online directory and A-1 Dog breeders showcase. Before you buy a new puppy, try to visit at least two different breeders.

Another place to acquire a new puppy fast is a pet shop. You can expect to pay about $300.00 to thousands for a new puppy depending on the breed and size. The draw back of a pet shop is that they are often supplied by puppy mills. Puppy mills breed large numbers of dogs. The condition is very poor and the female dogs are bred every time they come in heat. The puppies are often taken at a very young age, usually four to six weeks old, way too young to be leaving home.

Buying from a pet store provides revenue to the puppy mills and keeps them open to breed inhumanely.

Animal shelters is another good place to find the dog or puppy that you have been looking for, and for many people it's their first stop when looking for a dog. The price you'll pay to adopt a dog is usually less than $100.00. Most of the dogs that end up in animal shelters are mixed breeds. Many are brought when they were puppies. Others were taken here by their owners who realized they can' take care of their dog and would rather have someone adopt him who can.

You can visit a local animal shelter or visit the Humane Society of the United States website.

Most of the dogs in the shelter are not trained and some may be wild. But with a little bit of patient, time and the right training, you could end up with the best pet you've ever had.