Veterinary Expense for Your Yorkie Poo Puppy's First Year.

A few days after bringing home a new puppy, a vet visit should be scheduled. The pricing at each vet offices may vary but not significantly. The following are an approximation of what each examination, vaccination, etc. may cost:

First veterinarian visit:

  • Bordetella (Given to your puppy if you are planning on doing some boarding. $10.50
  • Canine Rabies. $10.25
  • DHLP-Parvo-Corona Vaccination Puppy. $15.00
  • Puppy Exam #1. $29.00
  • Fecal Test. $15.00
  • Albon Suspension. $10.21

Total: $89.96

Your puppy will be scheduled to come back three weeks later to have the following done.Yorkie Poo puppy on bed.

Second veterinarian visit:

  • Puppy Exam #2. $29.00
  • DHLP-Parvo-Corona Vaccination. $15.00

Total: $44.00

Each veterinarian may vary on what they think is necessary for your puppy as far as exams and vaccinations go. The following is a list of exams and vaccinations for the rest of the first year.

  • 6 months, Parvovirus Vaccine, $5.00.
  • 11 months, Distemper Combo with Parvo and C, $15.00.
  • 12 months, Fecal Test, Canine Rabies, Heart worm Exam K-9, $30.00.

After the first year of having your puppy home, your puppy will have to visit the vet at least a couple times a year for the following:

  • Canine Rabies
  • Fecal Test
  • Distemper Combo with Parvo and C
  • Annual Vaccination Exam
  • Heartworm Exam K-9
  • Interceptor 5.75mg Pack
  • Bordetella

Your veterinarians office will let you know when your puppy is due for a visit. Maintaining your scheduled vet visits is imperative to keep your dog in good health. Depending on where you live, your Yorkie Poo vet expenses could be more than this.