Hi, I'm Reyna and I am a Yorkie Poo Dog

In Spanish, my name means queen. I guess that makes me the queen of the house, or princess for now. I was born on Feb. 29, that makes me a leap year pup. That means I only have a birthday once every four years and which also means that I'll stay looking younger longer.Yorkie Poo sitting in the grass.

My new mommy and daddy adopted me from what is called a breeder. I guess that means she bred my birth mother a Yorkshire Terrier and birth father a Poodle. They had to pay $350.00 for me. They say I was less expensive than my brother cuddles, but that they would have paid a lot more for me if they needed to because I'm such a wonderful Yorkiepoo.

My parents says that I'm very lovable. I think it's because I like to kiss a lot. I give them kisses on their faces whenever I get a chance. I also like being close to them, I follow them all over the house just to be near them. And even though my brother cuddles don't admit it, I think he likes my kisses also. He just doesn't want to show it. I also give everyone kisses every morning when I get up.

Me, Mommy, Daddy, and Cuddles

When I fist met my brother Cuddles, who is a Yorkie Poo also, I was scared. I was new to the family and didn't know if cuddles would like me. After a couple of days, however, we started playing and we play for about half a day, each day now. I love to play. We run around the house chasing each other. We play hide and go seek, which I'm always hiding and Cuddles is always seeking. We also play my favorite game of tug of war. And even though I'm smaller than he is, I can still pull him.

I like my naps throughout the day, and when I start feeling tired, I find a comfortable place to go and get my puppy nap. When I can, I nap on my mommy or daddy's lap. It's also nice to take a break from all that playing that my brother and I do.

I like being around water, when my mommy waters the plants outside, I run under the water and get my head all wet. Sometimes I get in trouble for getting wet when I shouldn't be, but I enjoy it so much that I do it every time anyway.

When I had to go to the vet to get my puppy exam, I did so well that they gave me three treats in one visit, I think I'll ask to go to the vet more often.

So, enough about me, don't forget I'm just a puppy I don't have a whole lot to say yet. Thanks for reading.