Hello, my name is Cuddles and I am a Yorkie Poo

I know that my name is kind of silly, but it's my mommy's idea, so blame her. Even though I personally think that its a cute name. I'm actually a very masculine and handsome pup. I work out with my daddy running about 10 miles a week. You see, I'm macho.Yorkie Poo sitting in grass.

I was born on Christmas of 2002. I guess that makes me a saint. Although, at times I may not act like a saint, I always try to make it up to my parents by cuddling with them.

How I got here

Before my mommy and daddy adopted me, I was a puppy living with my birth mother and father. My mother is a full bred Poodle, and my father a pure bred Yorkshire Terrier. That's how I got the name Yorkie-Poo. I was sent off to a pet store where I was alone. I didn't know anybody. I was scared.

A few days after arriving at the pet store, a stranger tapped on my window. I looked at him and thought if I acted cute enough he might take me home. So I ran to the window and looked excited to see him. I was right, he took me out of my little room, played with me for an hour and took me home. He had to pay $600.00 for me, but I was well worth every penny.

I was a surprise for my mommy, boy was she surprised. She took me into her arms and there was no turning back.

I went and did the number 2 on the carpet for a couple of months while I practiced holding it and going outside. Then once I had it down, I was by the door that led to my bathroom every hour. Mostly, I just wanted to go outside to play on the grass. We lived in a place without a fenced yard so for a while I had to be leashed. My mommy and daddy kept telling me what a good boy I was for going outside and doing well with the leash and that I was very easy to train. I told them it's because I was a smart pooch.

One day, we took a drive to an empty house, a few days later we moved in all of our stuff. I like this place better because I don't have to be on the leash, my parents just let me out when I go to the back door. When I want back in, I just sit by the back door, and my parents let me in again.

I'm a Smart YorkiePoo

I consider my self a very smart pooch, a smart puppy, one day when my mommy asked me to jump up on a chair to put a leash on me, I did. The next day when I saw the leash, I didn't wait for her to ask, I just jumped up.

I sleep with my parents at night on their bed. I found their sleeping habits to be intriguing. I also started laying vertical with my head on the pillow next to theirs. I know, I'm spoiled.

I love being around my parents all the time. I follow them around the house, I like keeping my eyes on them to make sure their okay, even though I already know they are. They seem to love me being around them. I like to act like their body guard sometimes. I make sure and tell them when I suspect something that's not right.

I also like taking baths, it's like getting pampered every time, but really it's because I get a treat when I'm done.

When my sister Reyna, another Yorkie Poo arrived, I was kind of jealous, it took me a few days to adjust to her being around.

I also have short hair that hardly sheds. It's short enough that it doesn't get tangled, but long enough to give me my handsome look.

Well enough about me, I only wanted to say a few things about myself, not write a book of it. Thanks for reading.

Yorkie Poo laying on floor.