Proper Dog Training and Correction for your Yorkie Poo.

Dogs like humans, will do just about anything for something worth while doing it for. For humans it is usually money, but for dogs, it is as simple as a toy, a praise or a treat. Once you figure out what your dog loves, training will become easier for the both of you. 

When your dog does something that you don't want him to do, show him what you would like him to do instead and offer him a toy, praise him, or give him a treat afterwards. And because dogs like having a leader, it's like being in a pack, you must act as the leader in order for him to follow you. If you don't show leadership, he will easily step into the position. Yorkie Poo in a basket.

When using treats as a reward, remember that quantity is not important. Small cut up pieces will do just fine. Try giving your dog a few different types of treats and see which one he loves the best. This method works best if the treats for him are to die for. 

If praising is the reward for training, make sure to give him a lot of it every time. Petting your dog's head or scratching behind his ears usually works best. They love being petted.

If toys are what his heart desires, try playing with the toy with him. Your puppy will enjoy having a playmate even for just a short time.

There are many different ways to correct and reward your puppy and dog. Correcting your puppy right from the beginning will save you a lot of time and trouble later on once they get older.

Punishing your puppy the wrong way, like hitting your puppy for doing something bad will not reach your puppy anything. This will only teach your puppy to avoid you. So make sure that you use the proper punishment reward program with your puppy. If it is possible, it it usually helpful to take your puppy to a behavior training class for puppies while they are young. Puppy Training classes is great if you do it right from the beginning.