The Perfect Match, You and Your Puppy

Choosing the right dog:

Are you asking yourself, " What dog is right for me?" Consider your family first when thinking about getting a new dog. Are you single? Do you have children? What ages are your children? Remember your dog will join your family for the next decade or more. So make sure that your family is included when making the decision. 
Yorkie Poo could be a perfect dog for you.

Make sure you have the time:

Like humans, dogs need loving and affection also. They will also take up some of your time when you feed them, walk them and groom them. Especially with a puppy, housebreaking time is very necessary. 

Some dogs need more time than others. For example, big dogs would need to be walked at least once a day, while smaller dogs can be fine will just a couple times a week to be walked. 

Know the costs of dog adoption:

It takes money to care for your dog and to give them a healthy lifestyle. Your dog will need dog food, human food will not do, it's not healthy for dogs. They will also need monthly heart worm. You will also need to buy the following dog essentials, crate, bedding, dishes, collar and i.d. tags, toys and grooming tools.

Vet visits and vaccination also cost money. So before you choose to get a dog, consider what these costs are initially and how much it is to keep your dog healthy.

Consider where you live:

Do you live in an apartment? Or do you live in a house with a fenced yard? Will your dog fit in with your environment? Some breeds do well in apartment living, such as small dog. Other breeds that are big, need more room to run and play and are better in homes with a yard. Also, dogs who bark a lot are not good to have in an apartment because your neighbors are a wall a way.

Do a personality check:

Each type of breed have their own personalities and behavior, and sometimes looks can be deceiving. Some behaviors are digging, chewing, barking and drooling. So do your homework before you take the wrong breed home and can't take him back.

Your personal decision:

If your thinking about getting another person a puppy or a dog, don't! Although it may seem like a very nice thing to do, don't buy someone a dog unless you know for a fact that they have wanted to get one themselves. Because you will not be the one caring and training the dog, the person receiving the dog may not like the idea of taking care of a dog.

Young puppy or older dog:

Sometimes getting an older dog works better for some people than getting a younger dog. Puppies usually need more of your time since you will have to do a lot of training, starting from scratch.

An older dog however is for the most part already housebroken, trained and takes a lot less of your time. It can also take months before puppies learn what "no" means, and what he's not allowed to do. But by being patient and spending a lot of quality time with your puppy, you will see your puppy progress to an adult.

If you don't have a lot of time to spend with your dog, you may want to consider getting one that is older.

Pure bred or a mix:

Most people, when they start thinking about getting a new dog for a pet, don't think about mix breeds. Mix breeds such as Yorkie Poo are as loving and affectionate as a pure bred Yorkie or Poodle. The Yorkie Poo being a mix dog is must more unique being different from the pure bred dogs. Mix breeds are as trainable as any other purebred dog.

Purebreds, however, are more predictable than mix breeds. Every type of breed have their unique personality and behavior that you can expect to see. For example "terriers" are known for digging, so watch out if you have a garden that you like. 

These are just a few tips to picking the right dog for you.