Puppy House Training Basics for Your YorkiePoo Puppy

Different breeds have different levels of learning. Some breeds are very easy to train while others are very difficult. Be sure to read up on your breed so that you know what to expect. It will be easier to train your puppy or dog when you have the patience.

The first day you take home your Yorkie Poo puppy or dog is when you should want to start house breaking training. Training a puppy will be a little more difficult and time consuming than training an adult because they can't hold their bladder as long.

Dogs are naturally clean and they don't like making a mess in the area where they eat or sleep. That means that they are very trainable, of course with the proper training. Don't give up on your puppy or dog if however, training becomes longer that what you had expected.

Two of the most commonly used training methods for house breaking are crate training and paper training. 

Crate training works because dogs don't like going where they sleep, so they hold it until they can get out. Basically how it works is whenever you leave the house, you put your dog in a crate. When you get home take your dog straight outside to relieve himself. For puppies, three hours at a time should be the longest. After about 12 weeks old, it's okay to leave a puppy up to five hours. If you will be out for most of the day, you should leave your dog in the kitchen or bathroom where they will have more room. Your pet should never be left in a small dark room!

For both crate training and paper training, outside training is very necessary and should be done. You will be a lot happier in the long run if your dog only goes outside.

If you chose to paper train, lay down the training pad or newspaper covering the entire floor. The ideal place to do this would be the kitchen or bathroom. Then little by little each day, you want to put down less and less paper until you get to only putting down just one paper for your dog to go on. Your dog will get used to going on the paper and will go on it even if its only a small area. But don't forget, the main goal is to get him to relieve himself outside.

To train your dog to go outside from paper training, bring a paper to lay on the grass. Your dog will be able to see where he needs to go. Once your dog gets more comfortable going outside, then the paper is no longer necessary.

When you see that your dog is relieving himself outside all the time and not in the house, then it should be safe to leave your dog out lose in the house while you are away.

The fastest way to train your dog to go outside is by using a leash. Use a leash of about 3ft long, and take your dog to the same spot every time you want him to relieve himself. Dogs especially puppies love to sniff around and will usually get distracted. The smaller the area the faster they will get their sniffing done, and do their business. You also want to say a command for when they do their business such as "do your business." When they get used to your command, every time you say it, they will know what you are telling them. After they are done, you want to praise your dog each time, telling him "good boy," etc.

This will take effort and patience. When a person adopts a puppy, they need to be ready for the time it takes to properly train a puppy. This will lead to everyone being happier.