Dog owners can never get enough doggy tips, especially when it comes to the health of their beloved pets. The most important thing that you can do for your family pet's health is to keep their hygiene good, and by this you should:

1. Bathe your dog once a month for an outdoor dog, and once every few months for indoor dogs.

Dogs have natural oils in there skin that if bathed to often irritates and they ended up scratching the area. If the dogs are not bathed enough, they may end up with fleas and ticks not to mention smelling awful.Yorkie Poo health care.

2. Brush your dog's teeth once a day.

When brushing your dog's teeth, make sure to use the right toothpaste made especially for dogs. Because dogs swallow and not spit while getting their teeth brushed, human toothpaste is not recommended for dogs because they are not edible. Tooth brushing should be done daily for healthy teeth and gums. It may be difficult to get your dog to cooperate at first, but with enough repetition, your dog should get used to being brushed.

3. Clean your dog's ears to avoid infections from occurring.

Look around your dog's ears to make sure that there are not infections, inflammations or odors. Use a cotton swab dipped in an ear solution cleaner. Make sure to gently clean around and inside the ear without getting too deep or packing the ear wax further into the ear. Ear hair plucking is not necessary for all dogs and should be done only when ear cleaning or draining of the ear is a problem. At that point it should only be a light ear hair plucking.

4. Brush your dog's coat.

Depending on the breed that you have, you may need to brush your dog's coat as often as once a day or just once every couple of weeks. Usually dogs with long hair will need more frequent brushing than long haired dogs.

5. Clean around your dog's eyes to remove discharge.

Remove as much of the discharge that forms around the eyes by using a cotton swab or wet napkin. This should be done as often as needed.


6. Trim your dog's nails.

If you are planning on trimming your dogs nail yourself, make sure you cut off only the point where the curve starts or you could put your dog in a lot of pain and bleeding.

7. Give your dog heart worm medicine once a month.

A good heart worm medicine an essential to maintain your dog's health. Ask your veterinarian what type of heart worm is recommended for your dog.

Dog Grooming Tools

Taking your dog for grooming is also recommended. If your dog is a shedder, getting his hair cut before shedding season will help reduce the amount of hair you find on the floor and furniture of your house.

Some of the most commonly used tools for grooming dogs are as follow:


Bristle Brush
Pin Brush
Slicker Brushes
Stripping Comb

Hound Gloves

Dematting Tools

 Best when used on short haired dogs.
 Best when used on long haired dogs.
 Works with all types of dog hair.
 Works great with heavier coat dog breeds.
 Mostly used on Terriers or wired type dog hair.
 Used like a brush, makes a dog feel like he is being petted.
Combs and splitters.