We at MyYorkiePoo.com are the proud parents of Yorkiepoos. We think they are wonderful mixed breed dogs with great personalities. To share with the world our interest in these wonderful dogs, in 2003 we decided to start this website to communicate with other pet lovers who share the same interest in Yorkiepoos.

On our website we have provided general information about Yorkie Poos and dogs in general. Some of the information is to help people decide if the mixed breed Yorkie Poo if the right pet adoption for them. Other basic dog information is to help people take proper care of their dogs. Throughout the site we have provided Yorkie Poo pictures to give people an idea of what Yorkie Poos can look like.

Please feel free to contact us through our contact page if you have any questions. We will respond to the best of our knowledge as soon as we can.

Enjoy your Yorkie Poo puppy or dog. They are great dogs.


Our Yorkie Poo Dogs Cuddles and Reyna

Our Yorkie Poo Dogs.